Distances from Varadero

Varadero beach is located at the north coast of Cuba, 23* 08’ 22”N & 81*17’10”W. this is a privilege location that joined to the good standards of its access infrastructure, make Varadero the ideal place to develop optional activities and Day Trips, nowadays very popular amount the international clients that frequent this beach. These Day Trips generally of 8 -12 hours durations allow the visitor a better use of their vacation time dedicated to the beach. Nevertheless, at the same time allows visitor to get in touch with the other side of the coin, the real Cuba. .

Distance from Varadero to:


Also the fact that our trips are private, give us an advantage in time profit compared to the collective tours. Our private tours allow us to focus the tours in subjects and places of interest to our clients and just discard whatsoever isn’t interesting for them; this personal attention to our clients is an asset to our trips and contribute successfully to the quality of the product.

Departing from Varadero in Day Trips of 10 hours, tourist can visit almost any city of the Central or Occidental part of the island. Also you can visit the city of Havana, Cuba’s Capital located only 130 Kms. from Varadero. Visitors should bear in mind that in a Day Trip you can visit cities like Santa Clara, Trinidad and Cienfuegos at the Central part of Cuba, or Vinales, Soroa and Pinar del Rio at the western side of the island.