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Havana Special

Havana is the Cuba’s capital, the City was founded in November 16th.1519, almost 500 hundred years ago and nowadays is a very heterogeneous city, architecturally speaking, but even most important is the vibrant life style of a City full of culture and history and its best asset, the cordiality and charming hospitality of the Cubans. Havana is the most important city of Cuba with about 2 millions inhabitants. Its architecture is worth of a visit to the City, but its amazing cultural activity is provably the most remarkable thing the city can show us.

Varadero, the Cuba’s best known-beach has around 60 Hotels most of them 4 and 5 stars. Located on the Hicacos peninsula, Varadero has 20km of fine white sand and crystal clear water, that make the pleasure of visitor from all over the world. Varadero is located only 80 miles (130Kms) from Havana the emblematic Cuban capital, that’s why almost 80% of the international visitors to Varadero, decide not to miss the opportunity to know the enigmatic city, which seems to be stopped on the time.

These places are live examples of the beautiful geography the Island of Cuba. Located at the central south part of the island, only 150Kms from Varadero, Guama is a wetland area known for its particular forest and variety of wildlife that includes some species of crocodiles. Bay of Pigs, also known in the Cuban history as Playa Giron, was the scenery of the battle of 1961, where Cubans opposed to the Communist Government disembarked in its beaches to overthrow the newborn revolution. Visitor to this National Park can enjoy swimming at the Caribbean Sea, practice the scuba diving and also visit a replica of and Indian village.

One of the most beautiful areas of Cuba’s country side. Pinar del Rio is the land of the best tobacco in the world. This Cuban province shows the visitor another part of the Cuban Geography, with mountains, forests and landscapes only seeing at its territory. Located 250Kms from Varadero and 100Kms from Havana, Pinar is a mandatory place to visit for cigar aficionados and for those who love to discover the Nature and the countryside face of the Island.

Trinidad is the best place for experience the remanent of the colonial times in Cuba. The city founded 500 years ago was deliberated well kept by the local families, proud of their cultural roots. Its architecture and traditions are nowadays the attraction of thousands of visitors from allover the world.

Cienfuegos is call the “Pearl of the South”, the city is beautiful and its architecture also shows the visitors a mix of styles with notable influence of French architecture, due to the fact that the city was founded and generously populated by French immigrants who fled from Haiti when the Haitian revolution.

Santa Clara is the most important city in the central part of Cuba. The city played a remarkable role in the war to overthrow the government of Fulgencio Batista in 1958. The battle for the city commanded by Che Guevara is considered the breaking point in the victory of the rebels led by Fidel Castro against the government of Batista.